Class photo (5th form?)

Thanks to Carol Owen (Edmunds) for this photo and for starting off the list of names.
Chris Smith and Albert Lonn have added a few more names.


Back Row:  Jeremy Cooper, Jeremy Potter, Steven Peeke-Voute, David Porter, Joe Burdis, Martin Hinds, David Charman
Second Row Down:  Christopher Smith, Albert Lonn, Roderick Mieklejohn, John Russell, David Simms, Martin Pullinger
Third Row Down:   Christine Stevens, Gaynor Findlay, Anne Harvey, Maureen Draper, Jackie Moult, Susan Hayles, Adrienne Wilson, Sheila Cass
Front Row:   Elizabeth Taylor, Anne Beatty, Margaret Davis, Jenny Corbett, Jane Cotton, Janet Smart, Rosemary Scotcher

7 comments on “Class photo (5th form?)
  1. Jeremy Cooper says:

    Thanks Nona. List amended.

  2. Nona Bloem(Smith ) says:

    just looking at the photo again.3rd row Christine Stevens….Jackie Moult

    Yes,Steven Peeke- Voute.I had violin lessons with him in the hall with Noel Brittan.

  3. Jenny Kendall (nee Woodford) says:

    Jane Treasure rather than Jane Cotton, I think

  4. oliomedia says:

    Thanks Elizabeth. I’ve updated the names accordingly.

  5. Elizabeth Tavares (née Taylor) says:

    I think this was taken during the 4th year but not absolutely sure.
    Some names for the 3rd and 4th row:
    3rd row: Cristine?, Gaynor Findlay, Anne Harvey, Maureen Draper, Jackie?, Susan Hayles, Adrienne Wilson, Sheila Cass.

    4th row:
    Elizabeth Taylor, Anne Beatty, Margaret Davis, Jenny Corbett, Jane Cotton, Janet Smart, Rosemary Scotcher

  6. oliomedia says:

    Thanks Albert. I guess this photo and the other labelled as 1964 or 1965 were taken as final year photos for people who did not go on to the 6th form.

  7. Albert says:

    I think this is no later than 1964. 5th Form. A few people here left before 1966
    I can fill in a couple of ? in the back row
    ( Steven?) Peeke-Voute to the R of Jeremy Potter
    Martin Hinds to the Left of Dave Charman

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