Class photo, 1964 or 1965 – more names needed!

Photo from David Mew via Carol Owen

School Photo b03p

Back row is: Steve Cotton, David Mew, Mike Saville, Geoffrey Peters, Tom Richards, Keith Williams, … Symans or Simmonds?
Third Row:  ?, Phillip Hurden, Ian Clark(e), Malcolm Leech, Brian King, Martin Brett, Peter Cooke
Second Row:  Susan Blackman, Jill Bennett, Gillian Langford, Valerie Chard
Front:  Jacqui Loft, Sandra Chamberlain, Diane Morgan, Marilyn Hacker, Rosemary Reed, Joan Morrell, Shirley Wheeler

11 comments on “Class photo, 1964 or 1965 – more names needed!
  1. Keith Capelin says:

    Between Philip Hurden and Malcolm Leech it’s Ian Clark(e). Between Malcolm Leech and Martin Brett I am sure it is Brian King. I must have fallen off the bench just as the photo was taken.

  2. oliomedia says:

    Thanks Gill. I’ve amended the list. I think it’s Brian King too, but I;not sure, so I’ve left people with options!

  3. Gill Kemp says:

    Front row 2nd left is Sandra Chamberlain
    2nd row from back; 3rd in from right is Brian King I think

  4. oliomedia says:

    Thanks Deanne.

  5. Deanne Puttick says:

    Front row left – Jacqui Loft.

  6. oliomedia says:

    I’ve added Symans/Simmons.
    Not sure what you mean about the boy between Pip and Malcolm.

  7. Maurice Young says:

    The chap behind Peter Cooke – Symons or Simmonds, and between Pip and MalcolIan Clarke.
    Apologies to those i cannot remember, correctly, or at all.

  8. oliomedia says:

    I reckon it’s Geoff Peters too. I’ve made those amendments.

  9. Carol Owen says:

    Left end of second row is Susan Blackman, not Black. Is that Geoffrey Peters in the middle at the back? Carol

  10. oliomedia says:

    Thanks Nona – I’ve added those names.

  11. Nona Bloem (Smith) says:

    back row :Looks like Steve Cotton…..Tom Richards

    third row : far rightis Peter Cooke

    second row :Jill Bennett,Gill Langford

    front row:Jacquie….,?…Diane Morgan..right of Marilyn

    Hacker is Rosemary Reed,Joan Morrell, Shirley Wheeler

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