4L class photo with names

Photo and names from Janet Drake
Click on the photo for a much bigger version

CGS Class 4Lp

Colin Goodenough, Alistair Jupe, Richard Fenton, Ken Streets, David Baldwin, Derek Rath

Andrew Riddett, David Machell, Martin Donougho, Ian Brown, Paul Eveleigh, Angus Horsburgh

Lindsey Perry, Glenda Rolf, Margaret Pocock, Elizabeth Rose, Elizabeth Tucker, Gwyneth Symonds, Nona Smith, Joan Earney, Sandra Pointer

Lesley Shelmerdine, Gwen Tibury, Glenys Pilbeam, Pauline Jackson, Janet Yates, Janet Wilkey, Dawn Bunday

One comment on “4L class photo with names
  1. Nona Bloem (Smith) says:

    Derek Rath(not Wrath)

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