marcus_deskpMarcus Cumberlege has written much in lyrical stanzas, but he is no stranger to prose poetry, cut-up, automatic writing, haiku, concrete and the extended line.

For nearly forty years he has been a familiar figure in Bruges, collaborating with poets, artists and musicians, organizing readings and encouraging the younger generation. He has a daughter, married and living in France.

Book publications:

*NEW* Only the Invisible is Real

Published March 1918 (The Paper Tiger)
Gifts for a lamented dharma friend

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*NEW* Fresh Pimperings

Published March 1918 (The Paper Tiger)
A sequence of slightly nonsensical seventeeners by Zuishin Marcus C.

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Mars in Time of Peace

Published November 2017 (The Paper Tiger)
A 100-page collection written 6 years ago, it is fairly descriptive of poetic rambles round Bruges, with simple humour utterly unpretentious in vocabulary and free of high-faluting philosophy. Partly inspired by a now famous Japanese lady who gave up dancing at 90 and took to writing poetry instead.
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Online publication:

Morning Meditations

For many years Marcus has been getting up before dawn and writing his own meditations and prayers for personal use. Their outspokenly spiritual content is destined to overcome “morning blues” and make the reader “feel good” – cheerful, lively and able to face the day ahead with joy. Marcus regards Morning Meditations as his most important single published work to date.

You may download Morning Meditations here. Feel free to print it out and use it as you wish. Marcus make no charge whatsoever for the use of these texts and only asks that his name be mentioned if they are reprinted.

Photo of Marcus by Hendrik Vandewalle