Poem of the Month, October 2017: Self Examination 17

for my Oxford friends of 58

Some poets struggle for words
to describe their feelings. Others listen.

Rejoice in other people’s virtues
and partake of their happiness.
– Hua Yen principle.

Bring the power down to your heart
and feel the nearness of Amida.

Right View is the first step
on our path. I take it
to mean Compassion.

Are we not all Buddhas at heart?
Should we not take ourselves seriously?

Friendship with my own soul
and Inner Child
precedes all outer contacts.

Basic truth – we get out of life
more or less what we put into it.
Too much is as dangerous as too little.

Rely on your own judgment
but be grateful
for the help you receive.

Uncertainty is a major bugaboo
only nembutsu cures.

The vast tree in the window
says nothing
to unappreciative souls.