Poem of the Month, June 2016: Sleepless Night By The Sea


“The best way to make everyone happy is to satisfy yourself.”
This statement can be made at a certain level of development.
“Slow, measured, empty-minded deep breathing will bring you under control.”
God as I understand him – Amida – only wants me to feel good.
Peace of mind (I’m somewhere near it) is a joy to be cultivated.
“Do whatever you enjoy doing, and do it whenever you can.”
“It’s immaterial what other people think. It’s not your problem.”
“Don’t get me wrong. I’m a sociable animal. I care for others.”
This Namo Amida Butsu greets a pilgrim on the path to peace.
The more outrageous my thoughts are, the more likely they are to be true.
The Moon must be in my Seventh House, with Amida as my partner.
I’m not unduly concerned about anything in particular.
“Where possible, close your eyes, palms together, when saying nembutsu.”
Don’t be afraid of hard work. Life is not always a bed of roses.
“The best way to open your heart chakra is to think of Maria.”
Utterly relaxed I stroll round this kitchen with a fresh cup of tea.
I am making some progress in my Dialogue with Divinity.
This unexpected night in Koksijde has something to say for it.
The “good health” which Michel wished me is mainly about not feeling tired.
The very thought of feeling tired sends a nasty shiver up my spine.
Tiredness has become synonymous with depression in my disease.
Negativity must be avoided at all costs. It rots the soul.
I believe I am more than a ball of energy rushing nowhere.
The finesse is in the unspoken word, the suggestion hinted at.
Even five or six nembutsus clear the air, make progress possible.