JC_portrait _Bill_Gordon


– will work closely with you to define the product you really need and can afford;

– will produce a high quality, fit-for-purpose product, on time, on budget, with a minimum of fuss and bother, and no hype;

– will offer concessionary terms to voluntary and non-profit making organisations.

jeremy cooper

  • has extensive experience of working with clients to develop a specification designed to meet their aims and their budget
  • has produced, directed, shot and edited videos as a freelancer since retiring early from the BBC in 1999
  • produced and directed over 35 hours of broadcast TV as a BBC staff producer, mainly documentaries commissioned by the Open University, and many video and audio products for OU students
  • has on-screen BBC credits for “Cameras and Sound”, for writing, and for narrating his programmes in addition to “Produced and Directed” credits
  • has created and managed web sites since 1995, coding html directly, then using GoLive, Dreamweaver and WordPress
  • has been an enthusiastic stills photographer since his teens (yes they had cameras then!), has exhibited his digital fine-art prints (see oliophoto), and has shot most of the photographs shown on his websites
  • has many years’ experience of acting, producing and directing for the stage, working with amateur groups aiming at professional standards of preparation, presentation and performance

(Portrait photo by Bill Gordon)