Easter Programme

These are the contents of the programme – it was presented as a colourful, printed A5 flier


Jerusalem, in the Roman province of Judea, 2000 years ago: an itinerant preacher and ‘healer’ called Jesus has outraged the religious authorities with his teaching that ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’. Some of his followers call him ‘Messiah’ – ‘King’.

Jesus has come to Jerusalem where one of his band has betrayed him to the religious authorities. The priests Caiaphas and Annas want to put an end to Jesus’ subversive behaviour, but don’t have the power to condemn him to death. Perhaps Pilate, the Roman Imperial Governor, will help; or Herod, the puppet king of colonial Galilee.

The scene is set for the trial of Jesus of Nazareth…


Good Friday, starting 12.30pm
(Not suitable for young children)

The Trial: Rear (East end) of Parish Church
Via Dolorosa: Along the High Street to the United Reformed Church
The Crucifixion: Rear Churchyard of the URC Church
(Toilets and refreshments available at the URC Church Hall)

Easter Sunday, starting 2.30pm

The Resurrection of Christ and The Ascension to Heaven: Ousebank Gardens
(Toilets and Refreshments available at Brooklands Day Centre)

If wet, bring your umbrella! Folding chairs will be available for those who might need them. If very wet, we will perform in the Parish Church on both days. You will be asked to join the crowd following the action: please co-operate with our stewards, and be considerate to elderly or infirm people.

Directed by Jeremy Cooper and Keith Spence
Production Manager: Mike Thomas
Stage Manager: Pam Buckle
Design: Jerry Siddall, Justin Neal
Set Construction: Don Beamish, Jerry Siddall, Viv Wilson
Costume Consultant: Jenny Freeman
Wardrobe: Joanne Jones, Jill Allison

PERFORMERS (in order of principal appearance)

Derek Gibbons, Jesus
Rosemary Hill, Caiaphas, Guard
Sue Whyte, Annas, Salome, Guard, Lucas
Dave Wilkinson, Pilate, God
Malcolm Jones, Herod, Simon, Cleopas
Fiona Smith, Mary, Mother of Jesus
Elise Thomas, Mary Magdalene
Keith Spence, John
Mike Thomas, Soldier
Ken Heanes, Soldier
David Pibworth, Soldier
Peter Burgis, Soldier, Peter
Joc Rose, Guard
Katy Jones, Guard, Disciple
Kim Beckley, Guard, Disciple
Mary Harris, Counsellor, Disciple
Crowd, The Company plus…

The Newport Pagnell Singers, Directed by Gerald A. Hill


St. Peter & St. Paul Parish Church
United ReformedChurch
Newport Academy
Churches Together
Brooklands Day Centre
Newport Pagnell Town Council
Thames Valley Police
Milton Keynes Council
The Swan Revived Hotel
Newport Pagnell Festival of Lights
Robin Marsh
Produced by local people for local people
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