mConstitution of The Mysteries for Newport Pagnell Association


The Association has been created to facilitate the ‘Mysteries for Newport Pagnell’ project initiated by Herald Theatre and Churches Together.


1 The name of the Association shall be “The Mysteries for Newport Pagnell Association”.


2 The Association has been formed for the sole purpose of presenting Mystery Plays in the streets and public spaces of Newport Pagnell during the year 2000, involving members of the local community as participants and audience without distinction as to gender, age, ability ethnic origin or religious persuasion. No admission charge shall be levied for the whole or any part of the performances.
3 The Association shall take responsibility for all aspects of the production, while respecting the role of the directors of the plays (Keith Spence and Jeremy Cooper) as being primarily responsible for matters of artistic interpretation.
4 In particular, the Association shall manage funds donated to the project, monitoring the probity of all incomes and expenditures, ensuring that agreed procedures are followed and proper records are kept.
5 The Association shall not incur debts (other than under normal payment terms) or raise loans.


6 The Founding Members of the Association are shown in the APPENDIX ONE to this Constitution.


7 Everyone directly involved in producing, preparing and performing in the Mysteries for Newport Pagnell shall be entitled to become a Member of the Association: any disputes over membership shall be arbitrated by the Management Committee.
8 All Members shall sign and date APPENDIX TWO to this Constitution to register their Membership and their agreement to the terms of this Constitution
9 There shall be a nominal Membership Fee of £1.
10 Members shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings.
11 The Members shall be responsible for any legal liabilities (including debts) incurred by the Association.


12 The Association shall be managed by a Management Committee consisting of the Founder Members plus up to four other Members of the Association invited by the Founder Members to join the Committee.
13 The Management Committee shall meet at least once every three months: all Committee Members must be given reasonable notice of meetings.
14 The quorum shall be the any three Founder Members plus one other Committee member.
15 Minutes shall be kept of Committee proceedings.


16 The Management Committee shall appoint a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.
17 The Chairperson shall chair all meetings of the Management Committee and any General Meetings of the Association. In the Chairperson’s absence, those present shall decide who will chair that meeting.
18 The Secretary shall give notices of meetings and shall keep minutes of meetings.
19 The Treasurer shall keep the record of financial transactions.


20 A general meeting of the Association may be called at any time by the Management Committee.
21 A group of ten Members of the Association may petition the Committee to hold a General Meeting and the Management Committee must comply with this petition.
22 All Members of the Association shall be invited to and are entitled to attend General Meetings.
23 Reasonable notice must be given of General Meetings.
24 The agenda for a General Meeting shall be agreed at the beginning of the Meeting.


25 A current bank or building society account shall be opened in the name of the Association.
26 All cheques must be signed by two of a number of signatories appointed by the Management Committee, subject to any additional strictures agreed by the Management Committee.
27 The Management Committee may remove or appoint signatories at any time.
28 All payments to and by the Association shall be reflected in the bank account.
29 A record of all transactions (both through the Bank Account and using cash drawn upon the Bank Account) shall be kept and made available for inspection to any Member of the Association.


30 The Association shall be dissolved by the Management Committee after the completion of the project, when all financial transactions concerning the Mysteries for Newport Pagnell project have been satisfactorily completed and recorded.
31 Subject to contractual obligations to funding bodies, any remaining assets of the Association shall be donated to a local charity as agreed by the Management Committee.