Pots – for sale!

Pottery has played an important part in my life, from days on a council housing estate at Roundshaw in South London in the 1970s, when I learnt the basics at an art class, and set up my own group to teach pottery to anyone interested. It grew from small beginnings to a small arts centre, set up in a  block of flats, with pottery, painting, jewellery making, basket weaving. Part of our community work.

When I moved I took my pottery class idea with me, and set up small groups in Norfolk, then Milton Keynes, including the Day Centre of Willen Hospice, and finally here in Cumbria in our village hall.  I have enjoyed helping ‘non artists’ to discover their creatiivity.

This present collection of pots shows my interest in making small, almost cartoon type, figures, and an abiding fascination with natural shapes and colours. The leaves have all been collected locally, many from my own garden. I like turning a waste product of trees into something beautiful and permanent.

The pots are priced from £5 for the smallest ones to £25 for the largest, with the figures costing £20. Postage is additional. The 50p piece shown is for size.

Place your order by emailing me, or ringing 017683 62642.
Pots will be safely packed and  despatched by first class mail.

Payment via PayPal only, using your own PayPal account, or a credit/debit card.

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Leaf pottery
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