BBC TV productions for the Open University

broadcast tv + video
(listed in reverse chronological order by OU course etc)

DD100: Social Sciences Foundation Course (1999)
TV1: Moral Panic and Youth Culture (about mods & rockers, folk devils and Ecstacy). (Also off-line edited)

D214: The United States in the 20th Century (1999)
Series Producer
TV6 remake: Mr Moore Runs For Washington: (also wrote, narrated and off-line edited) (About one candidate’s race in the 1998 Congressional elections)

DD302: Pacific Studies (1998-9)
Series Producer
TV1: Imagining the Pacific: Fragments of a Vision (shared shooting with Eleanor Morris)
TV2: Patrolling the American Lake (the US Navy and Air Force in Japan and Singapore)
TV3: Containing the Pacific (part shot. Produced by Eleanor Morris) (about Evergreen Corp and the Port of LA)
TV4: Family Ties: the Story of Adeline Yen Mah (part shot. Producd by Eleanor Morris) (about the author of best-seller “Falling Leaves”)
TV5: Coming Home to Banaba (also camera/sound credit and ‘written by’) (about the colonial exploitation of a South Pacific Island and its present day consequences for all concerned)

D103 remake: Society and Social Science: A Foundation Course (1998)
Series Producer
Video: Essay Writing Skills (also second camera and off-line edit)

D316: Democracy: From Classical Times to the Present (1996-7)
Series Producer
TV1: Athens: Democracy for the Few? (about perceptions and the reality of ancient Athenian “democracy”)
TV3: A New Sun is Born: Part 1: The Coup (about the Portuguese revolution of 1974-76)
TV3a: A New Sun is Born: Part 2: the Revolution
TV8: Virtual Democracy? (ideas about the impact of the internet on UK government and politics)

D318: Culture, Media and Identities (1996)
TV5: Which body? (about body image, boxing and health clubs)
TV4: Whose body? (about the social dimensions of fertility management)

D103 remake: Society and Social Science: A Foundation Course (1995)
Series Producer
TV6 remake: Questions of Sovereignty (about the UK and the EU)
Video: Linking Summer School to the Rest of the Course

D214: The United States in the 20th Century (1992-94)
Series Producer for 9 x 50″ programmes, of which I produced and directed:
TV1: Powers of the President: Constitution and Congress
TV2: Powers of the President: Bureaucracy, Court and Media
TV3: Powers of the President: Foreign Policy: Nixon and Ford
TV4: Powers of the President: Foreign Policy: Carter and Reagan
TV6: Representing the People: Seven Days in 1993
TV8: From a Different Shore: an American Identity (about Japanese-Americans in LA)
TV9: Out of the Melting Pot: an American Identity (about Jewish-Americans in LA)

A316: Modern Art: Practices and Debates (1991)
TV10: On Picturing and Painting (about different degrees of abstraction in painting)
TV12: Max Ernst and the Surrealist Revolution

BBC2 OU Showcase – Personal Details (1991)
Series Producer for adaptations of 6 OU TV programmes

Co-Production with the Commission for Racial Equality (1990-91)
Series Producer
Video: Working for Change
Video: Recruiting for Quality
Video: Strategies for Employment

D103: Society and Social Science: A Foundation Course (1988-1991)
Series producer for 16 x 50 minutes TV programmes of which I produced and directed:
TV1: Using TV
TV3: Reading the Landscape (presented by Stuart Hall and Patrick Wright) about the way “heritage” reflects present day needs)
TV4: Immigration, Prejudice and Ethnicity
TV7: The Question of Sovereignty (also the remake in 1995)
TV8: The Politics of Equal Opportunity
TV16: Wrapping up the Themes
Video: The D103 Roadshow Video (intro to TV in D103 for tutor-counsellors)
Video: For Summer School plenary sessions

P781: Accounting and Finance for Managers (1988)
Series Producer: Video: 3 hours of case-studies and accounting techniques: produced and directed approximately half myself

DT200: Introduction to Information Technology (1987)
TV10: Interactive Videodisc in Education and Training

D321: Professional Judgment (1984-87)
Series Producer
A series about clinical decision-making
TV1: The Challenge of Judgment
TV2: Policy Capturing Models
TV3: Data-Based Aids
TV4: Knowledge-Based Systems
TV5: Structuring Decisions
TV6: Assessing Chances
TV7: Evaluating Outcomes
TV8: Resource Constraints
TV9: Ethical Principles
TV10: Legal Standards
TV11: The Getting of Judgment

OUPC: BBC Milton Keynes (promotional film) (1985)

D355: Social Policy and Social Welfare (1984)
TV3: Volunteering and Self Sufficiency

T101: Technology Foundation Course (1984)
Video: The Sizewell Inquiry

D209: The State and Society (1983)
TV9: Propaganda (film case studies from the 1930s and World War 2)

D208: Decision Making in Britain (1982-3)
TV15: The View from Detroit (drama about the Chrysler Deal)
TV16: Budgeting for Europe’s Jobless

D284: National Income and Economic Policy (1982)
TV8: Putting the Pieces Together

D102: Social Sciences Foundation Course (1980-1982)
(Towards the the end of this course’s production I became its Series Producer)
TV5: Getting it together
TV7: What Price the Workers?
TV8: The End of the Line?
TV31: Competing Theories?
TV32: Is Social Science Really Necessary?
Video: The Fight for Shelton Bar
Video: Picturing the World

D233: World Politics (1981)
TV9: Exploitation
TV10: Penetration
TV11: Strategies for Change

D324: Business Economics (1980)
TV5: The Crisp Revolution
TV6: Evaluating a Merger
TV7: Against the Public Interest ?
TV8: Continental Can at the EEC

D207: Introduction to Sociology (1980)
TV3: Home: Castle or Cage? The Butterys
TV4: Home: Castle or Cage? The Eastwoods

DE206: Social Work, Community Work and Society (1980)
TV16 (remake): The Ethnic Dimension

D302: Patterns of Inequality (1979)
TV5: The Roof Over Your Head

DE304: Research Methods in Education and Social Science (1979)
TV10: Interviewing Technique