BBC radio and cassette productions list

radio programmes (R) and audiocassettes (AC)
(listed in reverse chronological order by OU course)

D214: The United States in the 20th Century (1993-94)
Series producer for 11 x 20″ American Conversations radio programmes and 8 x 60″ audiocassettes of which I produced and directed:
R1: American Conversations: David Brower
R2: American Conversations: Hugh Sidey
R3: American Conversations: Walter Mosely
R4: American Conversations: Gloria Steinem
R5: American Conversations: John Kenneth Galbraith
R6: American Conversations: Tom Bradley
R7: American Conversations: Noam Chomsky
R8: American Conversations: Arthur Schlesinger
R9: American Conversations: Henry Waxman
R10: American Conversations: John Lewis
R11: American Conversations: Henry Kissinger

Edited transcripts of these programmes were published in book form.

AC2: The US Film and TV industry
AC4: Side B: Democracy Archive
AC5: US Local Government
AC8: Tutor-counsellor briefing

D103: Society and Social Science: A Foundation Course (1988-1997)
Series Producer of:
R: 16 x 18 minute radio programmes of which I made 4
AC: 7 x C60s of which I made 3
R: Annual remakes of ‘Assignment 103’ magazine programmes (1992 onwards).
Various remakes of radio programes and audio cassettes.

D002: Social Science Faculty Radio (1993)
R4: Europe and A Changing World: Trading Places
R5: Europe and A Changing World: Kicking the Habit
R6: Europe and A Changing World: Socialising the Market
R7: Europe and A Changing World: Securing the Future

D209: State and Society: various remakes (1990-91) including:
R: Independent Namibia (1991)

D102: Social Sciences Foundation Course (1982-90)
R3: Lecture by Amartya Sen
AC: Conversation with Joan Robinson
AC: Demand and Supply Exercise
R: Grapevine Magazine (monthly 1983, 1984, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990)

P781: Accounting and Finance for Managers (1988)
AC: 2 x C60s

D321: Professional Judgment (1988)
Series Producer
AC: 6 x C90s

D208: Decision Making in Britain (1983)
AC: The Chrysler Deal: Part 1
AC: The Chrysler Deal: Part 2
AC: The EC Game
AC (remake): Demo (Policing and Public Order) (1987)

D233: World Politics (1981)
R9: Perspectives on Brandt
R10: Voices from the Periphery

D323: Political Economy and Taxation (1981)
R7 (remake): Reforming Personal Taxation

D222: Microeconomics (1981)
R7 (remake): The Story so Far

U212: Risk (1980)
R4: Waiting for the Big One
R5: Crying Half a Wolf
R7: Risk and the Law
R8: Risk and the Law (continued)
R10: Artists and Scientists: Risktakers

P912: The Pre-School Child (1980)
R4 (remake): You Tell Us

D204: Fundamentals of Human Geography (1979)
R11: Looking Back over the Course

DE304: Research Methods in Education and Social Science (1979)
R1: Research and Policy
R6: Social Class
R8: The Nature of Social Science Concepts
R9: The Nature of Explanation in the Social Sciences
R10: Survey Project Analysis