‘Stranger Danger’: Movie Trivia

by Jeremy Cooper (Director)

See also: Making the backgrounds, The special effects

 The book is really one of my Rupert Bear Annuals: I made the cover to wrap round it.

The sound of the Wolf’s comb opening is actually a cigarette lighter closing.

We used a green face-mask. That ‘keyed’ to black, like the green-screen background (doh!).
So I added a green colour-mask (boring technical term) over the ‘black’ face-mask and set it to move with the face-mask as Joe sits down. Now the face-mask looks green again!The stickers on the computer are not really there. I added them in the edit. Can you see the shot where the screen wobbles, but the stickers don’t wobble in quite the same way? (HINT It happens when Porky sits down at the table). It would have taken a long time to get it perfect, so I left it as it is in the hope that some people might enjoy noticing.
(See more about the special effects in The special effects)

The bell is from home.
Hearing it jingle in the movie makes me wonder who is at my office door!

The keyboard sound is Paul typing furiously.

What’s missing?
The wooden heart that was hanging on the door, just under the sign, when we saw it before.

There was only one exercise bike (thanks to Tammy for the loan of it).

The lion’s head door-knocker came from my childhood family home on the Isle of Wight. It’s just like the one on No.10 Downing Street where the Prime Minister lives!
When the wolf knocks, Paul and some of the actors were leaning against the other side of the door to stop it moving too much!

Have a look at the books on the shelf behind Plonker the Pig.
Do you think Plonker likes travelling and fancy drinks?

That’s Barbara’s hand and our letterbox in Wolverton.

That’s Paul’s hand. Great acting.

PLEASE NOTE: No houses, whatever they were made of, were damaged in the making of this movie.
The door is recovering slowly.

See also: Making the backgrounds, The special effects