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School photograph, July 1966

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(Actually, I still look serious most of the time!)

School Photograph July 1962
(from Niall Munro – see his Catch Up too)

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The next reunion …

… will be on Friday 21st May 2021, whereabouts to be decided. Would you prefer it to be held on the Island or on the Mainland? Please email me to state your preference.

For lots more about Carisbrooke Grammar join the Isle of Wight Heritage Group on Facebook and search for “Carisbrooke Grammar”. This page is listed there thanks to Jason Smart.

Somewhere in that group I found a September 2017 video which explores the school during its demolition – Carisbrooke College is building an entirely new school on the site! The new buildings are due to be ready by Easter 2019. On the Carisbrooke College website, the Executive Headteacher says that “at last” they will have a building “fit for purpose”!

Check out Google Street View: the images are from 2011 and show the school more or less as I remember it.

2 Comments on “50+ years younger!

  1. I live in New Zealand and will sadly miss the reunion – it will be an amazing time for everyone who can make it.
    I’m still working – running a Chartered Accounting practice but employing more staff so I can get time off.
    It would be great to hear what you have been up to over the past 50 years!
    All the very best
    John Packham
    (I did P&A Maths, Physics and Economics)