1C class photo with names

From Jeremy Cooper’s album
Click on the photo for a much bigger version

class photo first year?

The strip with the names was stored behind the photograph. Not sure who wrote it – not, I think, my handwriting.


Ricky Hayman, Andrew Ridett, Martin Edwards, Derick Wrath, Vincent Bareham, Keith Williams, Paul Eveleigh, Jacqueline Bennet, Gwen Tilbury, Diane Morgan, Sandra Chamberlain, Frances Burrell, Martin Hinds, Steven Law, Jeremy Potter, Michael Gowing, Geoffrey Peters, Brian King, Terence Lewis, Jeremy Cooper, (Kenneth Streets absent)


Susan Hayles, Gillian Walker, Jennifer Woodford, Jean Jarvis, Pauline Jackson, Rita Woolstone, Susan Colins, Susan Philips, Anne Harvey, Gillian Langford

Form master: Mr. E. Davies

1C Slavette