Class photo, 1964 or 1965 – more names needed!

Photo from David Mew via Carol Owen

School Photo b03p

Back row is: Steve Cotton, David Mew, Mike Saville, Geoffrey Peters, Tom Richards, Keith Williams, … Symans or Simmonds?
Third Row:  ?, Phillip Hurden, Ian Clark(e), Malcolm Leech, Brian King, Martin Brett, Peter Cooke
Second Row:  Susan Blackman, Jill Bennett, Gillian Langford, Valerie Chard
Front:  Jacqui Loft, Sandra Chamberlain, Diane Morgan, Marilyn Hacker, Rosemary Reed, Joan Morrell, Shirley Wheeler

11 Comments on “Class photo, 1964 or 1965 – more names needed!

  1. Between Philip Hurden and Malcolm Leech it’s Ian Clark(e). Between Malcolm Leech and Martin Brett I am sure it is Brian King. I must have fallen off the bench just as the photo was taken.

  2. Thanks Gill. I’ve amended the list. I think it’s Brian King too, but I;not sure, so I’ve left people with options!

  3. Front row 2nd left is Sandra Chamberlain
    2nd row from back; 3rd in from right is Brian King I think

  4. I’ve added Symans/Simmons.
    Not sure what you mean about the boy between Pip and Malcolm.

  5. The chap behind Peter Cooke – Symons or Simmonds, and between Pip and MalcolIan Clarke.
    Apologies to those i cannot remember, correctly, or at all.

  6. Left end of second row is Susan Blackman, not Black. Is that Geoffrey Peters in the middle at the back? Carol

  7. back row :Looks like Steve Cotton…..Tom Richards

    third row : far rightis Peter Cooke

    second row :Jill Bennett,Gill Langford

    front row:Jacquie….,?…Diane Morgan..right of Marilyn

    Hacker is Rosemary Reed,Joan Morrell, Shirley Wheeler