Class photo (5th form?)

Thanks to Carol Owen (Edmunds) for this photo and for starting off the list of names.
Chris Smith and Albert Lonn have added a few more names.


Back Row:  Jeremy Cooper, Jeremy Potter, Steven Peeke-Voute, David Porter, Joe Burdis, Martin Hinds, David Charman
Second Row Down:  Christopher Smith, Albert Lonn, Roderick Mieklejohn, John Russell, David Simms, Martin Pullinger
Third Row Down:   Christine Stevens, Gaynor Findlay, Anne Harvey, Maureen Draper, Jackie Moult, Susan Hayles, Adrienne Wilson, Sheila Cass
Front Row:   Elizabeth Taylor, Anne Beatty, Margaret Davis, Jenny Corbett, Jane Cotton, Janet Smart, Rosemary Scotcher

7 Comments on “Class photo (5th form?)

  1. just looking at the photo again.3rd row Christine Stevens….Jackie Moult

    Yes,Steven Peeke- Voute.I had violin lessons with him in the hall with Noel Brittan.

  2. I think this was taken during the 4th year but not absolutely sure.
    Some names for the 3rd and 4th row:
    3rd row: Cristine?, Gaynor Findlay, Anne Harvey, Maureen Draper, Jackie?, Susan Hayles, Adrienne Wilson, Sheila Cass.

    4th row:
    Elizabeth Taylor, Anne Beatty, Margaret Davis, Jenny Corbett, Jane Cotton, Janet Smart, Rosemary Scotcher

  3. Thanks Albert. I guess this photo and the other labelled as 1964 or 1965 were taken as final year photos for people who did not go on to the 6th form.

  4. I think this is no later than 1964. 5th Form. A few people here left before 1966
    I can fill in a couple of ? in the back row
    ( Steven?) Peeke-Voute to the R of Jeremy Potter
    Martin Hinds to the Left of Dave Charman