The Renaissance Motet

From Jeremy Cooper and Jason Smart

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The Renaissance Motet was brought together by Jason Smart. We pioneered early music performance on the Island. We were all ex-Carisbrooke people (not sure whether we started before some of us left) and performed all over the Island. We mainly sang, but sometimes added a few appropriate instruments too – David Machell took the lead on that.

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More info from Jason Smart (via the Isle of Wight Heritage Facebook group) about the top right photo of the Motet singing on a stage:

“Singing Stainer’s ‘God so loved the world’. The background to this photo is that we had entered ourselves for the annual music festival in Ryde. The adjudicator was sufficiently taken with our performance that he asked that we be included in the winners’ concert on the Saturday, even though our class was not one of those scheduled. This resulted in some frantic phoning around, but, sadly, one or two people couldn’t make the date. The photo was taken at the concert.

Left to right:
Back row: Jerry Cooper, Richard Ivens, Tony Green, Jason Smart.
Middle row: Gillian Macrow, Drucilla Dennis, Marian Butchers, Jane Way
Front row: Catherine Cawte, Penny Boyland, Nola Gentle, Brenda Crutcher
Absent: Susan Downer, David Machell, Ken Smith, Nick Walker (but maybe Nick hadn’t yet joined us)”