1B class photo with names

Photo and names from Janet Drake
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CGS Class 1Bp

Peter Cooke, Philip Hurden, Brian Watmore?, ?, David Charman, Ian Brown, David Richardson, Teresa ?, Elisabeth Taylor, Glenda Rolf, Elizabeth Tucker, Rosemary Reed, Tom Richards,
Paul O’Rouke, ?, Angus Horsburgh, David Machell, John Scotcher, Malcolm Saville, Ian Vallender, Joseph Burgess

Joan Morrell, Marion Brown, Adrienne Wilson, Nona Smith, Maureen Draper, Sue Lewis, Jill Bennet, Brenda Upton, Jacqueline Moult, Janet Yates

14 girl’s names listed below, but 15 in the photo!
15 names listed below, but 16 boys in the photo!

1B salvette

6 Comments on “1B class photo with names

  1. Think it was Mickey Savill & Joe Burdis. But it was a long time ago & the memory can play funny tricks !!

  2. Next to David Machell is John Scotcher not Rosemary. Cousins ,I think)

    Malcolm Saville