Beyond the Fence










It’s a strange process. An idea may surface out of the blue, a line may suggest itself, or an incident trigger some reaction. With the space and time to reflect and compose, which lockdown has given, something emerges. Not high-flown, or cleverly orchestrated as I don’t possess the necessary poetic skills, but I enjoy putting the word pictures together, and hope anybody who reads it will enjoy it as well.

1. Paperwork
2. Horace
3. Swallow Nursery
4. Travellers
5. Making Mountains
6. Time’s bridge
7. Beyond the screen
8. Breaking the News
Tears of Autumn
10.The Earth Mourns

If music be the food of love …

11. Hildegard of Bingen
12. The Shingle Beach
13. Touching the Divine
14. Dawn Portal
15. Nagoya Marimbas

Autumn 2020

16. Tears of Autumn
17. Sunset
18. Shadows
19. Murmuration

Winter Landscape 2020-2021

20. Christmas Lights
21. Confusion
22. First Snow