Catch-up with Jeremy Cooper

JC_portrait _Bill_Gordon

  • I spent an extra two terms at Carisbrooke Grammar, leaving in 1967 after re-sitting some A-levels.
  •  (I discovered a few years ago that I am officially still at school as my leaving was never recorded!).
  • Became a Southern Vectis bus conductor for the Summer season.
  • Went to Keele University and read International Relations (and carried on being a bus conductor every Summer).
  • Worked at the BBC radio as a Studio Manager at Bush House and Broadcasting House.
  • Spent a year studying the economics of European integration at the College of Europe in Bruges.
  • Spent four years teaching at the College of Europe.
  • Returned to the BBC as a producer at the Open University.
  • Retired as early as possible in 1999.
  • Freelanced as a videographer, video editor, web designer, entertainer (
  • Now gradually easing off on all paid work.
  • See for my professional website.
  • I’m a keen photographer: see my oliophoto and blipfoto websites.
  • I have two daughters by my first marriage – they both live in Scotland.
  • I’m married now to Barbara. We live in Milton Keynes.
  • I can’t make it to the reunion, but I’ll be on the Island in August and hope to meet up with Carol and a few others.

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